District Court Of Maryland Baltimore County Address Assignments

Division Information

Court Appearance

If you are in need of information concerning the date, time or location of a court proceeding, please contact the Criminal Assignment Office at (410) 333-3811 which is located in the Mitchell Courthouse, Room 142.

Reception Courts

There are three reception courts that operate daily: two for felonies and one for misdemeanors.

There is a felony reception court in the Mitchell Courthouse and Courthouse East which conducts sessions at 9:30 am, 11 am, and 2 pm. These courts also operate as administrative/postponement courts.

The misdemeanor reception court conducts one session daily starting at 9:30 am.

Arraignment Court

There is one arraignment court which operates only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week beginning at 9:30 am.

Trial Courts

There are eleven trial courts which receive cases from the reception courts daily.

Therapeutic Courts

The Division also operates two drug courts and one mental health court.

Practices & Procedures

Trial dates for felony cases are assigned at arraignment and requires the attendance of all parties. The court schedules cases in compliance with its differentiated case management plan by designated track assignments based upon the complexity of the case, the number of defendants, and the anticipated length of trial.

  • Track A cases involve one defendant with an anticipated trial length of 2-3 days which are scheduled for trial 60 days from arraignment.
  • Track B cases involve multiple defendants with an anticipated trial length of up to 5 days which are scheduled for trial 90 days from arraignment.
  • Track C cases involve charges of serious personal injury, death, or have complicated issues which are scheduled for trial 120 days from arraignment.
  • Track D cases involve high profile matters or cases requiring additional time for trial preparation.

Postponement Policy

Felony cases only may be postponed by the reception courts pursuant to Maryland Rule 4-271.


Any discovery disputes must be raised pursuant to the Maryland Rules with all such disputes referred to the assigned Discovery Judge after appropriate pleadings have been filed with the court.

Pre-Trial Motions

In most cases, pre-trial motions are decided by the trial judge on the date of trial. If a defendant has a dispositive pre-trial motion, a Request for a Specially Set Dispositive Motions Hearing may be submitted to the Judge In-Charge who will determine if a hearing should be set.

Misdemeanor Jury Trials

If an election for a trial by jury occurs in the District Court, the defendant will be given a summons by the Assistant State’s Attorney in the District to report for trial in the Circuit Court 21 days later. If the attorneys or witnesses have a conflict with the designated date, counsel may select a trial date 2-3 days before or after the original date. All cases will be assigned to the misdemeanor reception court for resolution or assignment to a trial court.

Street Address

Clerk's Office
County Courts Building
401 Bosley Ave; 2nd Floor
Towson, MD 21204

Mailing Address

Clerk's Office
P. O. Box 6754
Towson, MD 21285-6754

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pursuant to Maryland Rule 1-322, no item may be filed directly to the Baltimore County Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court by electronic transmission.

Forms of Payment

  • Generally, Cash, Check or Money Order payable to Clerk of the Circuit Court is accepted.
  • A personal out-of-state check is not accepted.
  • In the Criminal Division, credit card (MasterCard and Visa) is accepted.
  • In the Criminal Division, a personal check for payment of fines or costs is not accepted.
  • Marriage License Application and Civil Marriage Ceremony is cash only.
  • Huckster's License Application sent through the mail is money order only.
  • Huckster's License Application in-person is cash or money order only.

Clerk's Office

Main Number410-887-2601
Main Fax410-887-3062
TTY users dial Maryland Relay 711
Child Support410-887-7670
Civil Assignment410-887-2660
Copy Center410-887-2618
Courtroom Clerks410-887-3414
Criminal Assignment410-887-2694
Family Law410-887-2614
File Room410-887-3494
Land Record Cashier410-887-2651
Land Record Indexing410-887-3088
Licenses (Business and Marriage)410-887-2607
Notary/Oaths of Office410-887-2607

Court-Related Information

Baltimore County Bar Assn Lawyer Referral Service410-337-9100
Baltimore County Bar Assn Reduced Fee Program410-337-9100
Baltimore County Circuit Court Law Library410-887-3086
Child Support Enforcement and Child Custody800-332-6347
Circuit Court Administrator410-887-2687
County Courts Building Lost & Found410-887-3151
Department of Corrections410-512-3200
Department of Juvenile Services - Arbutus410-455-7800
Department of Juvenile Services - Dundalk / Essex410-780-1200
Department of Juvenile Services - Garrison410-356-5774
Department of Juvenile Services - Towson410-512-4040
Department of Social Services410-853-3000
District Court Catonsville410-512-2500
District Court Essex410-512-2300
District Court Towson410-512-2000
Domestic Violence410-828-6390
Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland410-281-1334
Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County Counseling410-285-4357
Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County Shelter410-285-7496
Family Employment and Support Program (FESP)410-887-0152
(The) Family Law Center800-845-8550
Family Recovery Court410-887-6159
Family Support Services410-887-8614
Family Violence Unit Ex Parte Advocate410-853-3030
Family Violence Unit 24 Hour Hotline410-828-6390
Jury Duty Daily Call-In410-887-4390
Jury Commissioner410-887-3596
Juvenile Drug Court Program410-887-2199
Legal Aid Bureau Baltimore County Office410-296-6705
Legal Forms Helpline800-818-9888
Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service Inc410-547-6537
Office of Family Mediation410-887-6570
Orphans' Court410-887-6516
Parole and Probation410-832-2200
Permanency Planning410-887-2744
Public Defender410-324-8900
Register of Wills410-887-6680
Self-Help Office410-887-3446
Settlement/Scheduling Conferences (DCM)410-887-2509
Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center410-828-6390
Sheriff's Office410-887-3151
State's Attorney's Office410-887-6600
VINE Protective Order877-846-3420
(The) Visitation Center of Baltimore County410-887-8614

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