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"Aujourd'hui, on ne conçoit le civet de lièvre - faute de quoi il ne serait qu'un " vulgaire " ragoût - qu'avec une liaison au sang. Et pourtant ! pilier de notre gastronomie depuis sept siècles, le plat n'a cessé de se modifier, suivant... more

"Aujourd'hui, on ne conçoit le civet de lièvre - faute de quoi il ne serait qu'un " vulgaire " ragoût - qu'avec une liaison au sang. Et pourtant ! pilier de notre gastronomie depuis sept siècles, le plat n'a cessé de se modifier, suivant en cela les différentes évolutions de notre passé culinaire : parlons plutôt de liaison au pain, de verjus, de vinaigre et d'épices pour la recette médiévale ; de roux, de vin blanc, de fines herbes et de citron pour celle du XVIIe siècle. Stabilisée au début du XXe siècle, désormais plat national, la recette du civet de lièvre se régionalisera et deviendra multiple. Entouré de diverses croyances fabuleuses et d'interdits alimentaires, le lièvre aurait pu cependant ne jamais rencontrer le civet. Ce gibier, apprécié des veneurs, recherché pour ses propriétés médicinales et sa chair, a fait l'objet de nombreux récits. C'est donc l'histoire d'un plat mythique, indissociable du lièvre, que vous allez découvrir dans cet ouvrage. C'est aussi la mise en pratique de recettes de civets présentées dans leur texte original et adaptées : civets de veau, d'huîtres, d'œufs et bien sûr de lièvre... "

Culinary art is a human activity in cooking to the food, which includes a set of technologies, equipment, and recipes. It is a set of ways of cooking of minerals and plants, animals and animal products the food needed for human life and health.

Compliance with certain rules when cooking is called technology. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely among different countries, peoples, social groups. They are called kitchen and reflect the unique relationship between culture, economics, and culture.

Cooking itself strongly depends on the skills and education of the Cook. To cook delicious and healthy food you need to acquire certain knowledge on technologies and skills in culinary art of cooking.

To learn more about culinary art use free sample research paper on the topic to understand that before you start cooking lunch, breakfast or dinner, determine what time do they have to be ready at and calculate how much time it will take to cook them. It should be borne in mind that as soon as lunch, breakfast or dinner is ready, it should be served immediately, otherwise it will cool down, will lose its flavor, and some dishes may be undercooked or overcooked.

If there is no time for cooking lunch, it is necessary to pick up such products, with which the lunch can be prepared quickly. In this case, it would be best to use preprocessed meat and fish.

You can also buy vegetables, fresh, canned or frozen, already peeled, washed, sliced and specially selected for a soup or side cheapest seroquel online dish (mixed vegetables), as well as fruit compotes.

The range of preprocessed food is quite diverse: chops and minced cutlets, steaks, kebabs, fish fillets, breaded pieces of fish, prepared for roasting.

We recommend that you use the packaged meat because it is very convenient for cooking.

For meals, you can use ready-made sauces (produced by the food industry).

You can cook dinner very quickly using canned meat or fish soups, stew, fish, various sauces, oiled corn.

Using convenience foods in combination with canned goods significantly speeds up cooking dinner. For example, the cutlets are prepared from a preprocessed product, can be served with a side dish of corn, beans, canned green peas. Fish fillets can be served with canned beans.

Various salads from vegetables are great with canned fish, crabs, and cancer necks. For filling of such salads use ready-made sauce mayonnaise.

An extensive range of perfectly prepared food products: a variety of sausages, smoked meats, meat pâtés, sausages, Wieners, various products of preprocessed fish, dairy products, dumplings, allow to cook dinner or breakfast and bring it to the table for 10-15 minutes.

Using of the preprocessed and prepared food products gives a tremendous savings of time, eliminates the unpleasant and time-consuming part of the work in the kitchen: cleaning fish, vegetables, meat preparation, free the kitchen from pollution and significantly reduces the time to wash the dishes.

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