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  • I am thinking of possibly retaking C3 during my gap year along with C4, I want to do this because I got 82/100 in my gap year and feel that I could possibly get an A* if I do extremely better in both modules with a high chance of an A if I get 5 more UMS on my C4, however do we have to retake the coursework too? Because I got 18/18 on it and I think it would be quite a hassle doing new coursework again.

  • This is something your board or teachers should be able to answer. I suspect if it's part of the module you may have to resubmit the coursework but may be able to just submit what you did the last time.

  • The candidate can choose to do the coursework again, or can resubmit the mark from a previousseries. When the entry is made, 4753A means unit 4753 with coursework submitted and 4753B meansunit 4753 with coursework mark carried forward.

    Note that candidates who resit a unit have to resit the examination

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