I Have No Dream Job Essay

Skrevet av Shukri, G2 17.02.2017

Read what Shukri in G2 is writing about her dream job

My dream job is to be a journalist or a reporter. I have dreamt about this my whole life. I will tell you why I became interested in this profession, why it is important for me to become a journalist, and what I want to do when I become a journalist.
When I was fifteen years old, I began listening to the radio. I liked how the journalists worked and I thought it was a very good job because you can quickly be a famous person. I would like to be famous and that is why I like this job. If you are a journalist many people know your name and who you are. All people respect you and they believe that you work for them and that is true.
I believe that I am patriotic. I love my country (Somalia) and I also hate people who don't like my country. I can help my country if I get the chance and the only chance I have today is to work as a journalist and that is why I want to be a journalist. I need to help my people so it is very important for me to become a journalist.
When I become a journalist I would like to help all the people living in my country, especially poor people and sick people. I would like to interview poor people and sick people, because all people will help each other if they know each other. That is why I will focus on the sick and the poor because no one knows how they live in my country. It is also important that my country begins again. I want to help people and to make my beautiful country safe again. I will advise people to stop the civil war and I will create positive programs that will make people love peace and stand up against tribes and conflict.

All journalists in the world work hard, and journalists find out what happens in the world. It is not easy to get the correct information but journalists would like people to get correct information everywhere in the world.  Journalists have a great and important job. Without journalists, we would not know what is happening in the world. I think that journalists today are the third power in a country. If they do a good job their country will be good. If they do a bad job their country will not have peace.

My Dream Job

According to American author, Suzy Kassem, “A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.” I like this principle because I believe that a person needs dreams to gain a sense of purpose in life. When I wake up in the morning, I usually feel excited because I have a set of goals to accomplish. It is all because I can keep my dreams in mind. This paper will discuss my dream job. It will serve as a motivator that will help me achieve success. It will also hopefully inspire others that may have similar dreams.

My dream job is a cardiologist. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut but I realized that I am more passionate about health. I have a personal experience which inspired me to think more about health. My grandmother died from Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). She used to experience several chest pains, breathing problems, and nausea which prevented her from fully enjoying life. I loved her when she did not feel sick because she would tell me a lot of stories. When she passed away I was determined to help people with heart diseases. I wanted the other grandparents to suffer less from CAD and the other health problems they face.

As my concern grew for health issues in my home and community, I researched about heart diseases. Millions of Americans suffer from them. It is one of the top common diseases in the country. This alarming fact told me that becoming a cardiologist is very purposeful. The respect and financial stability a cardiologist can gain are only additional benefits to this dream job.

Doctors are also scientists and discoverers like astronauts. They do deep research and experiment to create medicines. They attend seminars and work all the time. I find these tasks exciting and challenging. I believe that when I become a cardiologist I would enjoy these tasks and may not think that my job is a huge responsibility.

I plan to keep studying hard and practice researching. I plan to be active in school and participate in programs that support the Health sector. I hope to volunteer for health centers in my community. With these plans, I hope that step by step I can be successful in achieving my dream job.

I know that getting the best medical education can be financially hard. I plan to get a job while studying to meet my needs. I have family responsibilities to face too. I will prioritize time management and take do my daily tasks with quality. When I face frustrations and failures, I can look for support from my family and friends. I can also review this paper as a reminder of my aspirations.

I believe my dream job is more than gaining a position or a financial stabilizer. My dream job is truly to help others deal and overcome their pain. Furthermore, it is about helping them enjoy life with their full potential health. I know I must put effort in my plans to realize my dream. I can find comfort in those that support me and knowing the possibility of success. I can also always recall the inspiration of my grandmother. Therefore, I must keep the words of Kaseem in mind to remember that my dream gives me purpose. I can never be the person I strive to be without my good dream. Believing in myself is the key to true achievement.

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