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There I am, sitting on my bed, doing my homework. My school ended early, so I am home alone. When I am almost finished with a question, I hear a faint knocking at the door. It's my signature knock, the one which I use to annoy my family.

I think, maybe it was my brother, trying to freak me out. 'Haha, okay Kevin, you got me.' I get up and opened the door. 'Now go--'

There is no one there. 'Very funny, dude!' I laugh as I close the door shut. I proceed back to my homework. I manage to finish a couple more questions when I hear that same knock again. 'Cut it out now...' I say, slightly more annoyed. I open the door again, but just as before, there's no one there. I roll my eyes and lock the door.

This time, the knocking resumes before I even got to my bed. 'Kevin! Knock it off!" I cry angrily, and swung the door open. I burst out of the room, and ran all over the house, searching every corner for him. I make it to the window, and realise that my brother's car isn't there. There's no one around. All the neighbours are at work and school. I'm home alone in the entire neighbourhood.

I feel a bit intimidated. Kevin's not home; so who was knocking on my door? I shrug it off, assuring myself that it was just the wind, even though I know it's not.

I go back to my room, but sitting on my chair, is something more horrifying than anything I've ever seen. Sitting in my chair, is a tall, thin man with a white face and dark red lipstick. He has a frown on his face, but as I approached, his frown slowly morphs into a wide grin, revealing razor-sharp teeth. His hair is matted, and overgrown. His nails are long and blood-stained. He beckons to me, slowly. I can't help myself. I approach him cautiously.


Homework! Oh how I hate homework! Every time the teacher gives the students in my class assignments to be done at home,I never did mines. Rather than I do my assignments,I would go out to play by the time I reached home. My mom always do ask if I have any homework to do . I will give her my usual reply that I don’t have any. My mom is very smart so she knows that I’m lying.

You must’ve been thinking that I’m a delinquent and I’m lazy. Well, it would seem so but it’s just that I hate the idea of doing home work. I always do believe that home work have been designed by the most heartless and egotistical adults in the world only just to burdened the minds of most of us children. Yes sir!  Homework is the only reason that kids like us today cannot have any freedom at home again.

But unfortunately the next day at school, I got something to remember how important homework was. It was something harsh and unexpected. But it was definitely humiliating.  The teacher arrived that morning very early to collect everyone’s homeworks notebooks. Everyone in the class except me. I was tactical in making up the perfect excuses that I have a tummy ache and was vomiting uncontrollably.

But the teacher didn’t seemed as though she was convinced at all because this was NOT the first time I have failed to give up my assignments. So she ordered me to report to the school principal. The school principal seemed to have the general idea about the situation because she told me that the teacher have made several complains about me. So she decided that she will contact my parents at home.

Of course, I have to returned to class to resume my day to day curriculum activies. Until my mom paid a visit to my teacher after lunch period. The school principal have also accompanied my mom on her visit to my school teacher. They seem to be discussing the issues of my failure of accomplishing my given assignments on a regular basis and the many made up excuses I have presented to the teacher. My mom wasn’t pleased at all. She were actually angry about the whole situation. So she called me in front of my classmates and teacher and principal and present me with a very harsh scolding.

Then she rummaged in her large travelling handbag and took out a hard looking leather belt which I immediately recognised as my father’s working leather belt and began to beat me. Every part of her scolding were punctuated with the echoing lash of the leather belt. She even added that everytime she asked me if I had any assigments I always said no. By the time the principal took time calm my mother down, I was already sobbing and crying due to the painful effects of the leather belt. There’s nothing more painful than that of a leather belt so thick that it killed a child if used with excessive force.

So at the conclusion of the discussions among my mom,the teacher and the principal, they all seemed to come to some agreement that I should be banned from certain privileges like playing and watching television. Also my mom agreed that she shall checked my backpack for any given assignments thus ensuring that I have done them accurately and properly. I was also banned for having any lunch breaks and morning period breaks for an entire week until I have completed my assignments that I have failed to give up over the past weeks.

It wasn’t fun nor pleasant having to endure this harsh punishment. But from now on, I’ve started to stop making up any excuses  and started to take serious attention in all of my assignments and curriculum activities. My grades have escalated up to a 95% so far which means I’ve been making total progress. Soon, my harsh punishment have come close to an end. Of course, I wasn’t gonna endured another embarrassing punishment like that. My mom and my friends were sure to remind me of that humiliating scenario as if it was only yesterday it had happened.


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