Ucla Math 32a Homework

(OH: T2-3 in MS 3975), Allen Boozer (OH: Th 11-12 in MS 2344), and Alan Zhou (OH: T3-4 PM in MS 2350).

Exams: Two in-class midterms: Wednesday, October 25th and Wednesday, November 15th. Three-hour final: Monday, December 11, 11:30am-2:30pm.
Bring student ID to both midterms and the final. There will be no make-up exams.
No calculators, notes, or books will be permitted in any exam.

Homework: There will be weekly homework. It is due in class. Further information is given below.

  • No late homework will be accepted.
  • The reader will grade three problems each out of five points.
  • Up to five further points will be awarded based on the proportion of the remaining problems that are completed.
  • Write your name, ID number, and TA section at the top of the first page.
  • Staple your pages!
  • Homework will be returned in TA section.
  • The weakest homework score will be omitted.

Grading: Homework, 15%; Each midterm 15%; Final 55%.

Syllabus:General Course Outline.

Here is our expected progress:

113.1Vectors in the Plane
213.2Vectors in Three Dimensions
313.3Dot Product
413.4Cross Product
513.5Planes in Three-Space
612.1Parametric equations
714.1Vector-Valued Functions
814.2Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions
914.3,4Arc-Length and Speed; Curvature
1014.5,6Motion in Three-Space; Planetary Motion
Midterm #1
1115.1Functions of Two or More Variables
1213.6A Survey of Quadric Surfaces
1315.2Limits and Continuity
1415.2Limits and Continuity
1515.3Partial Derivatives
1615.3Partial Derivatives
1715.4Differentiability and Tangent Planes
1815.4Differentiability and Tangent Planes
1915.5Gradient and Directional Derivatives
Midterm #2
2015.5Gradient and Directional Derivatives.
2115.6Chain Rule
2215.6Chain Rule
2515.8Lagrange Multipliers
2615.8Lagrange Multipliers
Homework Problems:
Homework 1, due Friday Oct. 6.
Homework 2, due Friday Oct. 13.
Homework 3, due Friday Oct. 20.
Homework 4, due Friday Oct. 27.
Homework 5, due Friday Nov. 3.
Homework 6, due Friday Nov. 17.
Homework 7, due Friday Dec. 1.
Homework 8, due Friday Dec. 8.

Taking this class with Liu was a mistake.

He really is a nice guy and can actually be funny sometimes in lecture (if you really pay attention), but it is simply an objective fact that his grasp of the English language can make it harder for some students to learn the material, especially if they learn better by listening instead of doing.

His midterms are actually relatively tough, and his final is absolutely horrible. Although his midterms are all computational, they were definitely the hardest out of all the professors for Fall 2017. They're only 20 points each, so there literally aren't enough points for you to be "saved" on a problem by partial credit. You'll get some but not enough.

The final had 12 questions and 4 of them were proofs (I couldn't do a single one, but if you study the absolute basic proofs of the plane equations, etc., you can do very well). Also, the final was only out of 50 points, so you have absolutely no leeway anywhere.

Study hard and make sure you do very well above the mean because the curve will make you or break you. I let myself slip and got a C+. The final was the nail in the coffin.

Avoid him if you can, but if you end up with him, put a lot of time into the class and do well on the midterms. You won't do well on the final.

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