Raising The Age Of Driving To 18 Essay

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Teens only make up seventeen percent of the population today, but almost twenty percent of fatal crashes are due to teenagers behind the wheel. Growing numbers suggest to change the driving age to eighteen and some even believe that changing it to twenty-one may save even more lives. With a sixteen year old behind the wheel, accidents are even more likely to occur when compared to a seventeen year old (Boulard). With so much new technology in today’s society there are more distractions on the road than ever before; therefore the legal driving age should be raised to save more lives. If we do not act quickly then more lives will be lost. From when the first few cars where made teens have been behind the wheel. Many states did not require…show more content…

More than two thirds of that number is a single vehicle crash that happened over night, three fourths were male drivers. If a teens at the wheel, crashes fit a pattern. Putting a sixteen year old male behind the wheel of a top heavy vehicle, adding two sixteen year old girls and one more male, subtract seat belts, and finally, let them travel fast; that's a common formula that almost always ends badly. “With in coming years a record 17.5 million teens will be eligible to drive once the peak of the 'Baby Boom-let' hits driving age by the end of this decade.” In 2000 there were 1.3 teen drivers, in a 2010 the number rose to 8.4 teenagers eligible(O’Donnell). In a 2006 there was a new study done showing why teens have the highest crash rate that sky rockets above any other age group in the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health, the part of the brain that weighs risks, controls impulsive behavior, careless attitude, and rash emotions is underdeveloped until the age of twenty-one. Jay Gieed, chief of brain imaging in the child psychiatric unit at the National Institute of Mental Health is behind this particular study: “Gieed points to an image of a brain on his computer screen that illustrated brain development from childhood to adulthood. As he sets the time lapse in motion, the brain turns blue rapidly in some area and more slowly in others—which represents development over time—is the right side just

  • Teens should drive at age 14.

    Many things occur while driving, causing the driver to have to pay attention and develop skills of quick decision making and watching all around the car to visualize and analyze what is happening around them. Driving also provides a way of transportation to things like school, work, and after-school activities that would otherwise have to be provided by a parent or friend, putting more work in their hands.

  • It is hard enough already for teens to get around on their own.

    The driving age is already a difficulty for many families. There are actually teens that are under the age of 16 that need to be driving. So raising the age will just cause many more issues. You see, there are many young adolescents that have no way to get to and from sports practice due to the fact that their parents work, or their parents are ill or unable to get out. Many teenagers have away from home outreaches or after school activities, and are unable to make it due to the law of not being able to drive. Therefore, if the age is raised to 18 then a lot more people will have problems getting around.

  • No. The driving age should not be raised.

    In fact, it could be lowered. Age isn't the problem. The problem is people who don't understand the rules of the road. That goes for teenagers, people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. I know people who are 14 years old and are better fit to drive than most 18 year-olds. Not only does the age not matter, I think everybody should be retested every 10 years upon receiving a license and every 5 years after the age of 60 as you're hand-eye coordination and reflexes slow. AGE ISN'T THE PROBLEM! RESPONSIBILITY IS!

  • I am 17, a good driver, and never got into an accident

    A lot of adults stereotype teenagers when in fact, a lot of them are actually good drivers, I went an entire year without getting into an accident, and a lot of the bad drivers that I know started driving on their own without a license, it would be like enforcing gun control, you are only affecting the ones who follow the rules

  • teenagers have things to do!!!

    i think teens should start driving at age 14 because you mature in highschool. If you started driving at 18, you wouldn't be able to get to your job/s. Teens shouldn't have to depend on their parent or guardian to bring them to school or to sports or job. parents have better things to do then to sit and drive us aroound town

  • The minimum drivers license age should not be raised to 18 because 16-year-olds are more responsible and have a much more focused mind.

    The minimum age to obtain one's driver’s license should not be raised to 18 because 16-year-olds have a much more focused mind. If you change the minimum driving age to 18, it will be very little different from 16-year-olds because either way they wouldn't have very much driving experience. Also from the years of 16 to 18, a young person’s maturity level doesn’t rise much at all. So the number of road casualties or accidents is most likely not to differ anyway. When 18-year-olds graduate from school, they fool themselves into thinking that they know everything. In this case, they are less inclined to acknowledge instructions about driving, making them dangerous drivers. Sixteen-year-olds are more apt to accept advice since they are used to being in ‘learning mode’ at school. Also an 18-year-old who is able to drink alcohol is more likely to drive drunk or try stunts to show off to their friends, which makes them far pose a much greater threat on the road than a still-in-school 16-year-old.

    Being 16 and having an early, fast start to getting your license rather than finally getting it after a long slow process makes a huge difference to your life. Sixteen-year-olds have many more available hours to drive, therefore get their license faster than 18-year-olds who are either working full time or going to university busy with studies.

    Once youth have completed school, would you want them moving into the real world without a license? Of course not! We are talking about the future citizens, for heaven’s sake! All of you would very much agree that a driver’s license is a necessity to life as you grow older. Once they get a full time job, without a license how are they supposed to get there? Using public transport? Yeah, sure, an electrician turns up at a bus stop with their 60 kg suitcase full of tools. No of course not! A driver’s license is vital for all working citizens!

    Sixteen is a far better minimum age for obtaining your driver’s license because, first, 16-year-olds have far more focused minds and are able to accept instructions more easily than 18-year-olds. Second, it is easier to obtain a license at 16 because of availability of driving hours and, finally, because this does not act as a restraint towards teenagers’ engagements in the workforce. So I firmly believe that the minimum age to obtain a drivers license should not be raised to 18!

  • Teens deserve to become independent!

    Why make teenagers wait? They have a social life too! Drivers will be just as inexperienced at 18 as they will be at 16! WHY? Teenagers are young and are not allowed to drink at 16, so then they wouldn't drink and drive. If teenagers are allowed to start driving at 18 and drink they will go out drunk driving. Then we will have to change the drinking age!

  • An early start is a good one.

    If kids get an early start even before 16, say 14, kids would get more experience than the previous driving generation. They would be more street smart and even more prepared for diving later on in life than the previous driving generation. They could learn to be more independent and be less likely to misuse their driving privilege

  • It shouldn't be raised

    If you were to start driving at 18, it would be the same as starting at 16. The driver would be inexperienced and instead of the crash rates being at 16-25 it would be 18-27. It does nothing for lowering the crash rates, you shouldn't blame the entire teenage population for the mistakes of a few. Not only is it unfair to the responsible teenage driving, but to their parents as well. Now the teenagers are dependent on their parents to get them to and from school an work. But what if the parents have a job? Then the teenager would have to quit their job because they have no way to get to it.

  • Not all teens engage in risky things.

    Not all teens engage in risky things. Driving is a rite of passage and many teens are ready to drive and ready to take the responsibility. Raising the age isn't going to change anything, honestly anyone ANY age can cause an accident, so why bring it out on the teens?

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