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An essay is any literary piece of work that is chiefly based on facts that deal with its theme from a limited and often personal point of view. It is a systematic, methodical, and an analytical composition that is usually much shorter and less formal than a dissertation or thesis.

You must examine the question meticulously to make sure that you answer exactly what is asked. Generally, the essay questions have some direction words that give a hint about what is wanted in the essay, such as compare, describe, explain, argue, discuss, critique, etc. These words are actually the task words that help you identify the task that needs to be done. Highlight the keywords and identify the topic words that indicate what the whole essay is going to be about. There should be at least three main paragraphs in an essay that you write.

  • Make sure that your introduction gives the examiner a clear understanding of what your essay is about and tells him/her what to expect in the paragraphs to come.
  • The main purpose of a body paragraph is to explain in detail the examples that support your thesis. Begin each paragraph with a theme sentence that connects the paragraph to the rest of the essay.
  • The conclusion is a crux of all that has been discussed earlier. You can start by summarizing your main ideas by drawing together each component of you previously made arguments in a logical and significant way.


  • Make points in your mind and elaborate it while typing.
  • The essay should be connected from top to bottom and the readers shouldn't feel that you have left some points unexplained.
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly links the paragraph to the rest of the essay.
  • Provide supporting evidence for each point that you make.
  • Try to finish with an interesting or thought-provoking, but relevant, comment. It looks good and it shows that you are open for discussion which is a positive thing.
  • Avoid making spelling or grammatical mistakes. It leaves a very bad impression on the readers.
  • Write down quotations that may be particularly useful.
  • If possible, try to make multiple paragraphs based on the particular topic.
  • Do take care of the time management.
  • Last but not least, develop a reading habit for better vocabulary.

So, students, we hope you find these tips helpful for your upcoming Syndicate Bank PO Examination. You can find more of them in our Ebook "A Guide To Descriptive Writing For Syndicate Bank PO" with examples based on the latest topics that are expected in the descriptive paper of these upcoming examinations.

Best of luck!!

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The IBPS PO prelims are over and it’s time to gear up for IBPS PO Mains 2017, which will be conducted on 26th November, 2017. The PO mains paper also consists of a descriptive writing section which is qualifying in nature. In this post we would be covering all the aspects: question types, how to prepare, the evaluation criteria and some DOs and DONTs for this section.

Let us first take a look at the exam pattern.

IBPS PO 2017 : Main Exam Pattern

The Main exam also consists of an English Language Descriptive Writing Test.

  • Questions : 1 on essay writing;  1 on letter writing ( Total : 2 )
  • Maximum Marks : 25
  • Time Allotted : 30 minutes
IBPS PO 2017 Mains : Descriptive Writing Section

There will be two questions : Essay Writing and Letter Writing

Click Here To Read : Sample Essay With Proper Analysis
Click Here To Read : Sample Letter – Proper Format

Before we start discussing about the how to’s, it’s important to address the time allocation for these. Since essay is a longer writing piece than a letter it’s essential to divide the total time accordingly. Also, it’s comparatively easier to write a letter because it’s a crisp piece of writing whereas in an essay when has to be elaborate and structured at the same time.

IBPS PO Mains | Descriptive Writing : Evaluation Criteria

Although there is no set criteria according to which the descriptive section paper is evaluated, there are some common things that are taken into consideration for marking. These are listed below.

Content: Address the topic from differing viewpoints and cover various aspects. Also provide details, examples and explanations. These should cogently support your point of view.

Formal Requirement: Especially for letters, strictly adhere to the prescribed format. It’s absence may cause a deduction in your marks. For essays, make sure you don’t exceed the mentioned word limit. Also, structure the essay in multiple paragraphs.

Development, Structure and Coherence: How well the topic has been understood and explained is main criteria of evaluating any piece of descriptive writing. Make sure you address each of the following while developing any essay. 

  • Does each paragraph contain just one idea or concept?
  • Does the evidence presented support the writer’s argument? 
  • Does this paper have a beginning (introduction), a middle (body), and an end (conclusion)?

Grammar: An essay may be logically presented, it may have a variety of ideas, but if the grammar is bad, it makes the entire essay ‘not so good’. Create simple but correct sentence structures and convey your thoughts effectively. Take care of the following:-

  • proper punctuation
  • full and complete sentences
  • consistent verb tense, voice, and third-person usage (essays are normally written in third person)

Vocabulary & Spelling: Again we would like to clarify that a test taker is not expected to use “high – fi” English words. As long as you have the right word for an idea, that’s good. A simple example of this would be:

  • If you want to say “very good”, say “excellent”.

Also, avoid spelling mistakes as they point to a careless attitude.

Post Your Essay | Get It Evaluated By Peers Here
IBPS PO Mains | Descriptive Writing : How To Prepare
  • Read: Take out time to read a variety of text from Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, etc. every day. While reading, notice the structure of the narrative and the tone used for different articles by the authors. If you don’t understand a particular word, look it up immediately on the dictionary. This exercise will help you get an idea about different writing structures and improve your vocabulary.
  • Write: Start writing! Pick a topic at random and write whatever you know about that topic. The Staff Selection Commission has introduced the descriptive paper in order to test the writing abilities of their candidates, since they will be required to write official communiqué once they’re selected for the post. So, start writing essays on topics.

  • Edit: Once you’re done writing, it is now time to edit and give it a proper structure. Editing essentially means discarding words or paragraphs from your essay that don’t support the main idea, putting it in a proper structure and checking if there are any grammatical mistakes. Once you have structured your writing, discarded unwanted details and checked to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes, it’s now time to get your writing analyzed from another person.
  • Analyze & Evaluate: It’s a good idea to let another person (preferably one who is good at writing) analyze and evaluate your writing. Feedback is essential to know what your writing is lacking and to make it better. Take the feedback in a positive spirit, improvise your writing and avoid making the same mistakes again.
  • Practice: Continue this cycle of writing, editing, analyzing and evaluating till you’re satisfied with your essay or précis. Practice reading every day and writing as many essays and précises as possible.
IBPS PO Mains | Descriptive Writing : Important DOs and DONTs
  • Make a time strategy while you practice. For eg: If it’s 15 minutes for one essay, then have 5 -7- 3 plan where you spend 5 minutes planning, 8 minutes typing and then 2 minutes to read through the final essay to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors. Make sure you do get the time to read and check for any errors. You can tweak the time-break up and choose one that works for you.
  • Stick to the word limit provided. If no word limit is provided, try to limit your essay to around 250-300 words.
  • Avoid using colloquial, slang, SMS ‘lingo’ while you type. No using of “I’m”, “wat”, “thx”,”ASAP”, “gr8” etc. or use informal language such as ‘veggies’ instead of vegetables, ‘Kids’ instead of Children, ‘Anyway’ instead of Nevertheless etc.

  • Use simple language. Even if your vocabulary is very strong, use words and sentences that you believe most of the readers will understand. No extra points are given for using difficult words that very few understand. In fact, it can be detrimental. For eg: “The deleterious effects of smoking…. ” vs ” The harmful effects of smoking… “
  • Do NOT use “I think…”, “I feel… ” , “In my opinion” etc. Avoid the use of first person and second person pronouns throughout the essay.
  • Do NOT make broad generalizations such as “Everyone knows that Narendra Modi is a good Prime Minister”. Instead one could say  that “Several people believe that Narendra Modi is a good Prime Minister” and this statement can be supported by text in the essay.
IBPS PO Mains | Descriptive Writing : Sample Topics for Practice
  1. Consequences of Brexit
  2. Merger of SBI with its associates
  3. Resentment over 7th Pay Commission
  4. MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) formation
  5. Rising NPAs of Indian Banks
  6. India’s NSG Debacle
  7. What to expect from the new RBI Governor
  8. 7% Growth in Indian Economy : Figures and Realities
  9. Make In India : Where we have reached
  10. Modi Government : Achievements and Challenges

Hope this helps you with your preparation.

All The Best!

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